Trust Your Intuition & Live Your F Yes Life!
I help women learn to trust their intuition as they become free of doubt & judgement.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have time for this?
You get to access the program 24 hrs /day for 6 months at your convenience. If living an F Yes life is worth 1-2 hours a week (at your leisure) no worries my friend, you have time for this.

Will this work for me?
This program has been created to launch you into a new, empowered, free and passionate about life YOU. We are going to keep it fun, inspiring and simple moving towards a life that really nourishes you. Everyone who decides they want a shift can expect a shift. You can do this!

Do I want to commit to spending the $?
If money becomes your obstacle, I’m calling BS! Money can be your obstacle or your motivator, you choose. We all find ways to justify spending money on what we prioritize. This may seem different because it is. This is an investment in YOU; not a pair of new shoes, dinner out, or the salon which are all great, but rarely continue to empower/fulfill you. You learning how to trust and follow your intuition will change your life…do you want that?

What makes this program different than others?
This program is intended to provide you with an experience- your own individual experience. I will not dump information and exercises on you and run. I will be with you every step of the way mentoring you through the steps as you gain your own knowingness. To have knowledge is to hear info about someone else’s experience. To have knowingness is to have your own experience as you apply the knowledge/exercises being presented. If you want more info on intuition, you can find that anywhere. If you want to KNOW about trusting your intuition this is for you!